The Answers: 25 Essentials to Shopping for Flooring with Us!Learn More

The Answers: 25 Essentials to Shopping for Flooring with Us!

Important to know:

1 -  Open Monday to Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-4, Sunday 9-3, but closed on the big Holidays. When in doubt, please call.

2 -  FREE measure and FREE estimate and we will pick up samples you take home and bring you new ones if you like.

3 -  Our estimators can bring our mobile showroom to you.

4 -  Price lists show the installed price per square foot (materials and installation) and give a good idea of the “Complete” cost. 

5 -  Materials only prices available upon request.

6 -  When we provide the materials and installation, you have just one number to call to take care of it. We are licensed, bonded and insured

7 -  Our installers are true craftsman and we are proud of our work.

8 -  Everyone in our showroom knows flooring. Let us tell you all about it. If you ask a rare question that stumps us, we will find the answer and get it to you.

9 -  We only sell name brand “firsts”, meaning first production run material meeting the manufacturer’s strictest tolerances for gauge and die lot, single manufacturing batch and shade number, and fully warranted by us and reputable manufacturers. We do not buy or sell “seconds” or off brand. (Looking at you, big box store) 

10 -  No private labels, meaning we do not hide the manufacturer. (Looking at you again, big box store, and at you, franchise). Makes it easy to independently find out about the Manufacturer’s performance through online reviews. And our prices are very competitive because our great service drives repeat and referral business that keeps our volume up and our cost down. (It’s that simple)

11 -  There are extra charges for hard surface tear-out, floor prep, baseboards, moldings and trim pieces unique to your project. We are happy to explain it all and break it down for you.

12 -  FREE carpet removal and FREE furniture moving with flooring purchase, except really heavy stuff like pianos, aquariums, waterbeds (remember those?). You get the idea.

13 -  Special discounts for active duty and retired military and public safety. You are awesome and we appreciate your service!

14 -  For first time DIYers, please talk with us. HGTV’s 30-minute episode was filmed over several weeks and a YouTube video is not all you need. Let us help you. Really. You’ll thank us.

15 -  All tile and just one brand of carpet, that we know of, and sell, is no VOC. Everything else we sell is low VOC and has Floor Score and / or Green Guard certifications. They meet or exceed the tightly regulated standards for sale in California, who take their environmentalism seriously. All flooring is also sugar free, gluten free, vegan and low carb, but an acquired taste.

16 -  Coffee, tea, water and snacks for everyone and just ask for a water bowl for your pet. The coffee is delicious !

17 -  Cute dogs, cats and kids always welcome, especially with an adult needing flooring. We have some cool toys, puzzles and coloring books on the table.

18 -  We play all genres of music, but just the good stuff. If you love a song, ask us to turn it up and we might sing along, if we know the words. But no yodeling!

19 -  Bicycles park inside and must talk with the owner about rides, trails and gear.

20 -  Classic, Vintage, and Antique car drivers must commiserate with the owner about leaky old cars.

21 -  Want a gimmick? Free Installation when you pay double for materials. Or Free Materials when you pay double for installation. Or Half Off what we marked up twice. Along with unicorn rides and fairy dust ! Oops, we don’t have any of that.

22 -  Specials and Discounts are us passing along savings when our manufacturers offer us reduced pricing on products they are promoting. These are best seen in or on the showroom displays. You may also find one under “Current Promotions” on our website.

23 -  Unaccompanied kids are fed candy and espresso and given a cap-less sharpie for the ride home.

24 -  Basically, take your time. Ask lots of questions. Let us tell you about all the features and benefits of different kinds of flooring and about the installation process and about our terrific installers. Take home samples and look at them in your room’s lighting with your furniture and think about it. When we come out to do a FREE measure and FREE estimate, we can bring more samples and pick up the ones you have. We will help you make the right selection for you, when you are ready.

25 -  Why? It’s the circle in our logo. We strive to do your project so well, that you happily come back to us, refer us and favorably review us, to help attract our next customer!