Karndean offers the warmth and beauty of wood flooring for families who are sure to put it through the toughest tests. Constructed from the same material as a PVC pipe, Karndean does not warp or swell when coming in contact with water. It is a dense construction with a polyurethane finish that has made it the choice for many local restaurants, salons and retail locations that need durability without sacrificing style and warmth.  Karndean is not affected from the changes of our desert climate in the ways of traditional wood flooring, but offers the same classy look.

Maintenance and Preventative Damage Tips

There are things to know when consumers are in the market for new floors. Here at Complete Flooring, we like to give our consumers the education to help make the buying process easier. We are including tips on how to prepare for installation, how to maintain the product, and ways to prevent some damage.

Installation Prep

Whether you plan on having professional installation or doing it yourself, it's all in the details. To get the best looking Karndean floor the first step is to ensure your floor is levelled. The substrate (usually wood or concrete slab) needs to be as close to flat as a Tucson area floor gets (approximately ¼" over a 10 ft radius). The flooring itself is not very thick so any imperfections in the floor will become very noticeable.
Majority of the Karndean line is installed using a glue down method. The glue down installation provides a solid sounding floor in contrast to other floating floor options.
If the product is not being installed over a concrete floor but rather a wood composite subfloor, there may be additional prepping requirements to ensure the Karndean glue adheres correctly.
If there is installation going on a staircase, we have seen that Karndean is not ideal for a staircase that has a bull nose on each stair. The reason being is that there is not a coordinating molding that would make the transition blend seamlessly.


Ensure you remove all loose debris using a dust mop or a soft sweeping brush
To maintain the brilliance of the floor as much as possible, regular floor cleanings should take place. Karndean Designflooring cleaning products are acceptable as well as neutral ph cleaning agents.
When spills occur, mop them up as soon as possible to prevent any staining.
Prevent any silicon-based products from coming in contact with the floor. It can make the floors very slippery causing a hazardous situation.

Damage Prevention

It is best to use a quality non-rubber backing mat at all entrances to the home (back door, front door, garage), to protect against any grit from scratching the floors. Ensure mats are cleaned on a regular basis to prevent build-up.
We recommend pads to be placed under furniture that slides or drags often (i.e. chairs, tables, etc). This will help prevent any sharp edges from gauging and damaging the floor. Pads or an office mat would be beneficial to chairs with wheels, as they are prone to attracting pebbles and dirt in the wheels.
If a plank were to get damaged, a heat gun is used to release the adhesive the flooring is glued down with. The damaged plank is then removed, the remaining adhesive scrapped, fresh glue put down, and a new plank installed giving you a better peace of mind.


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